Empowering Tarot readings, by Colin Anthony for your personal well-being, relationships, spiritual growth and business.

Solar Eclipse reading

Sorry! This reading is now discontinued

Tarot is a wonderful tool to use during the eclipse season, so I am using an ancient, tried and tested layout, designed purely for when a Solar Eclipse is in progress.

Solar eclipses occur during new moons, a very important time to begin new cycles. This is the time when many people set intentions for manifesting, start new projects, or initiate changes.

New moons are already a powerful force, however, solar eclipses enhance the potential to make or break patterns. They can also initiate change around us, sometimes suddenly. The things that enter our lives – or the things we invite in through our actions or intentions – can have staying power.

This reading deals with:

  • What patterns are breaking for you with this eclipse.
  • What you can create to replace it.
  • New cycles opening up for you.
  • Unexpected changes happening around you.

This reading is available NOW at £30 and will be discontinued on July the 4th!


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