Empowering Tarot readings, by Colin Anthony for your personal well-being, relationships, spiritual growth and business.

Empowering tarot readings for your well-being, relationships, personal growth and business.

Unlock the secrets of your destiny with a confidential Tarot reading by Colin Anthony.

Filmed and emailed directly to you, starting from just £17.50 (GBP)



Colin is a down to earth Tarot reader with many years experience. Born in London, England, he started studying Tarot in the early 1980’s and the Lenormand Oracle in 2002. Colin has developed an intuitive style that will empower you to make the right decisions in your life. For uplifting, positive guidance, spiritual counselling or simply to test the waters, book a reading with Colin today!


  • Think of a question you would like the answer to.
  • Choose the type of reading you would like.
  • Purchase it using PayPal.
  • Colin will then film the reading and send you a link to download it!
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Strictly Confidential
Readings are strictly confidential and are between yourself and Colin Anthony. Absolutely no information will be shared with third parties, your privacy is sacred to us, it’s important!
Readings worldwide
This is an internet based service, which means that I can do readings for anyone in the world! However, you must be able to read/understand English as I do not offer translation services.
Readings filmed
My tarot readings are filmed for you personally and contain complete explanations of the meanings and how they relate to your question. You will receive a download, which you can keep forever.
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