Meet the team

About Tarot Readers

In a nutshell… We are a small group of experienced Tarot card readers who love to read the cards.

We believe that Tarot readings should be available to everyone and not just for those who are lucky to have a reader in their hometown. We are based in the UK, however our readers come from all walks of life and are located all over the world. Our readers are very experienced and are deeply passionate about anything to to with Tarot. Whilst this site is primarily for booking readings, some of us like to write blog posts too, we don’t have any rules.

A Tarot card reading can uncover lots of things that can empower you in your life, after all “forewarned is forearmed“. Your questions or anything that is spoken about is totally confidential and will remain private, between yourself and your reader. Our readers abide by a strong code of ethics, which is worth reading, if you are interested in booking.

Our services include, but not limited to:

  • Tarot Readings
    • Our readers have a wealth of experience and can offer a multitude of different types of readings
  • Oracle cards
    • Some of our readers also use Oracle cards, such as Lenormand. These cards give a less ‘deep’ reading and are usually quite straight to the point.
  • Runes, Zenner cards
    • Some of our readers can also do rune readings and Zenner card readings

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to empower our clients, to give them knowledge about their circumstances and make them aware of opportunities to hopefully improve or change things for the better.

Our mission is to tap into the Universe and help our clients see beyond the veil, to open them up to new ideas and to encourage our clients to find and use their intuition and inner guides.

Meet the owner and our readers

My name is Colin and I am the founder of Tarot Readers…

A bit about me… I got interested in Tarot way back in the early 1980’s and have dabbled with it ever since. I suppose, really, I started taking Tarot seriously around the mid 90’s. I had a strong urge to keep picking up the cards to explore, learn and read them. Every time I did, I soon realised how accurate they were, the insights they gave me were astonishing. Now, here’s the thing… I am actually a magician, a conjurer, an expert in sleight of hand and close-up card magic, so in theory, I should be telling you that Tarot is all smoke and mirrors, mumbo jumbo that only hippies and new age bohemians believe in it… Well, actually no! Tarot is amazing and when done right, defies any explanation of trickery or underhand nastiness. Tarot is for everyone!

Since joining and mixing with the Tarot communities both online and offline, I have met some of the the kindest, empathic people that you could ever wish to meet. The people in Tarot have a love for the human soul, a passion to help others. The intent isn’t to take your money and tell you that a lottery win is forthcoming. Instead myself and others readers what to empower you, open your mind to discovering the answers that lie within.

I certainly hope that you enjoy this site, and more importantly that you find a reader who can help show you the way.

Colin Miller

Colin Miller

Tarot Reader and site owner

Colin is a down to earth Tarot reader with many years experience. Born in London, England, he started studying Tarot in the early 1980’s…
Imogen Haynes

Imogen Haynes

Tarot and Oracle Reader

Imogen was taught by her Grandmother, when she was a child! She has read Tarot her whole life and her clients have included many celebrities.
Leanne Lloyd

Leanne Lloyd

Tarot Reader

Leanne has been psychic for as long as she can remember, and comes from generations of a family who are the same and at one with the Tarot.

Graham Kimball

Graham Kimball

Tarot Reader

Graham has studied the Tarot for over 40 years, his in depth knowledge of the cards imagery and symbolism makes him a very accurate reader.
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